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    Default binding a java program to a specific networkcard

    how can I bind a java application to a specific LAN (in case you have more than one network card on your computer), my problem is that I have two LANs on my computer each connected to a different network and I am developing a java application which should communicate with one of the networks, the problem is that when the two LANS are ON the java application gets confused some times and simply donot connect, but when i turn the unwanted LAN (i.e. keeps only one LAN working) every thing works fine so I think if i bind the java application to the desired LAN I can work with both LANs ON, any ideas about binding a java program to use a specific LAN.
    (NOTE: one of the LANs is connected to a local network while the other is connected to the Internet).

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    Not so much to the card itself as to the IP Address that it's subject to. Using java's socket api you could do something such as...

    Java Code:
    InetSocketAddress addy = new InetSocketAddress("", 9000);
    ServerSocket s = new ServerSocket();
    And this would bind it to whatever card is using ""
    DHCP Reservation is your friend!


    - Jon

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