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    Default database connectivity

    plz help me :
    i want to design a program that can be used to collect some information from a user & store them in a database, this program should consist server & cleint that can run on same machine
    (this program should modify with good GUI)
    plz help me i need java codes for this program.

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    Default ...

    First you have to decide what database you want to use(e.g. MySql).
    If you use MySql. it is a free database you have to download the java mysql connector (you have to register to download but that is no problem) and save it to your classpath or into the java-sdk/jre/lib/ext directory.
    To connect to the database you need the knowledge of SQL and reed some tutorials about java and databases.To do the network part you need java sockets read about on the net.For the gui you can download the javaeditor or netbeans

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