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    Default communication between clients UDP

    Hello to everybody,

    first of all I saw another similar post, but it was about socket TCP.So that's why I decided to port a different message.

    As in the title, I need to implement communication between clients connected through socket UDP with the server, let's say on port 8000.Every client has its own port in input let's say 3000,3001 (if they are two).

    I thought the following: if clients_1 wants to send a message DIRECTLY to clients_2, then it ask the server the port number where client_2 is listening.
    To do that, how can I implement the connection without bothering the server?

    And above all, if I use the same port, does the connection with the server go down? As I read, UDP socket is connectionless, so this two connections can go though the same port without collisions with each other?

    Thank you very much for your reading, and above all for your answering.

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    Are the clients at the same IP address? On the same computer? If at different IP addresses they can all have the same port numbers.

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