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    Default Firewall Using java?

    I want to develop a firewall using java..
    according to me java works at application level and cannot block can only generate alarms by processing to spoofed packets..
    So i thought to generate a JAVA firewall which would be deployed on Gateway and hence can block the packet at gateway..
    plz let me know that my thought process is correct or not..
    if correct , plz suggest me , how to proceed for the same..

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    I attempted that before... there's a library called JPCAP which you can modify the packet and send it back to a chosen LAN card...

    My setup was to have 2 lan cards on a computer, lan1 is to the internet and lan2 is to the sub network... the computer is meant to act as a firewall where you can allow or block packets from lan1 which is coming from the internet so as the lan2 from the subnetwork... but that experiment failed.

    2nd is you are about to use the WIndows Filtering Platform

    by using JNI you can now control the packets

    and on linux, iptables is already there... you can control it by executing its command from Java
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