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    Default error in connecting to gmail server

    hi guys,

    i am having problem in connecting to gmail server by using java.
    the error its giving is "javax.mail.MessagingException: Connect failed;
    nested exception is:"

    is this error is due to wireless connection through my laptop or something else? i am using netbeans for my environment, i have also added the javamail api for the same! stil i am getting the error!!

    please help!!:(

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    Default gmail pop


    Incoming Mail (POP3) Server - requires SSL:
    Use SSL: Yes
    Port: 995

    This command has to work from command line :

    telnet 995

    ...If not somethings not OK with your network

    You have to manually enable telnet on VIsta or Windows 7.

    Here is example that works fine:

    Java Tips - Connecting GMail using POP3 connection with SSL

    If code is not working well
    go to method
    and put comment on FetchProfile:

    Java Code:
    		// Use a suitable FetchProfile
    		FetchProfile fp = new FetchProfile();
    		folder.fetch(msgs, fp);
    ...Now when you run code
    it should list all of your INBOX messages.

    Be sure that your gmail account is set properly.

    So login to your gmail account first
    and then click this link: will lead you directly to your account Settings for POP.

    If everything is set fine you will find no problem.

    Any other problem related to JAVA MAIL API,
    go to "JAVA MAIL API FAQ" and you will find it all there.


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    Lightbulb gmail connectivity

    hey thanks for the help!!
    i didnt saw the link u provided the same (java tips)!
    it wil really help me.

    thank you.:)

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