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    Default Java Server Client with database

    Dear all,
    I want to write the java program as follows;

    ClientA: 1 2 3 (sending the message)

    ClientB: one two three (receiving the message)

    Using the Database(1,2,3 and one two three are stored in database) in the process. Can anyone have idea? Thanks!

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    Create a server which allows connections (from ClientA and ClientB) and has access to a database.

    After both the clients connect to your server then start listening for messages; when one is received then you convert it--via a database query--and then relay that message to the other client.

    Server Listens for connections
    ClientA connects
    ClientB connects
    ClientA sends message to Server
    Server recieves message from ClientA
    Server calls database to convert the message (i.e. "1" -> "One")
    Server sends Message to ClientB
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    thanks! Very useful! Can you suggest some java code for reference and what database do you suggest?

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