Hi all.

I need to stream an mp3 file from computer to another computer.I run AVTransmit2.Java and AVReceive2.Java with necessary parameters like;

AVTransmit2: file:/c:/a.mp3 10592

I am trying to do this on the same machine.When i runAVTransmit2, it reformats the mp3 and says;

"Track 0 is set to transmit as:
mpegaudio/rtp, 44100.0 Hz, 16-bit, Stereo, LittleEndian, Signed, 16000.0 frame rate, FrameSize=32768 bits
Created RTP session: 10592
Start transmission for 60 seconds..."

And AVReceives says;

- Open RTP session for: addr: port: 4000 ttl: 4
- Waiting for RTP data to arrive...

it goes on like that and nothing happens.It is same for .wav files too.

Instead of localhost i tried the actual ip , but everything remained same.I use Windows7 64 bit.I closed the firewall.

Can there be a problem with compability with JMF?
Do i need to compile extra Run an extra RTPserver or something else at the same time?
What can be the source of the Problem?