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    Default Creating Socket


    I want to implement a socket based program. Although I have done a lot of socket based programming in last few months there is one thing that I am confused right now.

    Here is what i want to implement:

    I have this project where I have applets more than 1 and few frames that pop up when a button in the applet is pressed. Now what i am trying to do is that I am forming a new socket with every frame or an applet. Is it the right way of doing technically programing wise i mean. Is it an efficient way of coding. Or should I have just one socket to interact with the server.



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    Simple example: Ok, so you have a server. It can handle around a 100 connections using regular sockets. Would rather have a) 100 users each with one socket, or b) 10 users each with an average of 10 sockets?
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