I am going to use XmlRpcClient from Apache for the first time, and I'm also new to eClipse I am not sure if I am importing the library right.

I was in Windows->preferences->build path->add user library and added the zip file containing the classes from the Apache project, and then in my project I right clicked on the project, again build path and put a check for the user added library which I just made.

After all of this, when I add at the top of my class file:
Java Code:
import org.apache.xmlrpc.XmlRpcClient;
eclipse red-underlines the org.apache part, telling me that "the import org.apache can not be resolved". In eclipse I have options to import *.jar files, but the ziped library that I downloaded from the Apache project, has many folders with files I don't know their purpose, and also many *.java files.

Could please you guide me, how to put this org.apache lib to work and make eclipse not to complaine for it?