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    Default Java not recognizing UNIX secondary group

    I'm seeing the following problem and I think it is related to java bug 4052517

    I have a directory called test. the ownership of that directory belongs to the 'aa' group.
    I have a user junioradm whose primary group is 'adm' but is also a member of the 'aa' group.

    I'm executing a java program as the junioradm user. The program is supposed to create directories in the test directory.
    When I run the program mkdir() is returning false. If I change the group owner of the test directory to 'adm' the program executes fine.

    The problem seems to be that java does not recognise that ‘junioradm’ is a member of the ‘aa’ group and will not create the directories because of this.

    Has anyone seen this problem before or encountered bug 4052517? Is there any known solution?

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    I am also facing the problem. I tried executing Runtime command, but no luck.

    Tried fileObj.mkdir() as well.

    Any solution for this ?


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