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    Default Need to write a program to execute a list of system commands

    Hi guys,

    I am new to Java and I am currently working on IPsec running on a linux box.

    In order to setup an IPsec connection I need to execute a list of commands such as the following:

    $ ipsec whack --name new
    $ ipsec whack --listen
    $ isec whack --initiate

    Now I want to combine all these into a single program so that whenever I run that program all the above commands get executed. Now I know that it is easier to do in shell scripting but then I won't be able to include my input data, i.e., I need to specify between which 2 hosts the connection is to be made.

    I give this information in the command line, for eg, say runprog 190 175.2.2 where the connection is setup between the 2 ip addresses.

    Hence I need to get this information from the command line and include it in the ipsec commands.

    The list of ipsec commands I'll need to execute manually in order to do this will be:

    $ ipsec pluto
    $ ipsec whack --name new --host --to --host --psk
    $ ipsec whack --listen
    $ ipsec whack --initiate

    Looking forward to any help possible. Thanks in advance.

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    Please do not post same message to multiple forums next time! It is not allowed.

    I am closing this thread now!

    Instead check the following thread:

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