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    Default Establish VPN Connection in Java

    Hi, My requirement is as follows. From my standalone application,say SWING,i want to connect to Server(Here 'Server' i mentioned is some 3rd party system which is networked) thro' VPN connection.Once established and Authenticate, i need to read the files from the specific folder and copied those files to my local folder.Once read those files,i need to move the files which is in Server to the Backup folder.
    This connection should be run endlessly until there is a manual intervension to stop.
    For ex, there are 10 files in the specific folder.My application should read and copied those files into my local folder and move those readed files in the backup folder in the Server.And if any new files placed again it needs to do the same process.
    Since new to the networking in java,Kindly guide me how to do.
    And wat i am thinking abt the points to be taken care are,
    1)Session maintanance

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    It seems it would be a lot easier to just setup FTP for the machine and folder of interest and manage the file transfer that way.
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