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    Default Cannot perform a PING

    Hi to all !

    I use JSVC to execute a class (within a jar file) which only performs a Ping on a host with :
    Boolean status = InetAddress.getByName(hostAddr).isReachable(timeou t);

    Under Linux systems, the isReachable() function can only use ICMP protocol if the jar file has the Suid privilege (chmod +s) and has to be executed as root user, otherwise it will perform the PING with TCP protocol on port 7.

    After all, I am sure that :
    - JSVC has the Suid privilege
    - the jar file also has the same
    - jsvc is executed as root
    ... and my Ping don't work with ICMP (I know it because my firewalls block all TCP / 7 requests).

    And if I launch as root the jar with java -jar myJar ... it's ok (in ICMP).

    Does anybodyy has any idea to help me ?

    Best regards

    Sylvain Caillet

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