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Thread: FTP in java

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    Default FTP in java

    Hi, I want to try to write a program that I can actually use. Everyday at work I have to pull an export of transactions from an ftp server and when I pull it it is named STRATIS_EXPORT.TXT and I have to rename it to STRATIS_EXPORT_XXXX_X.txt, the first 4 x's being the julian date and the last being what number it is that I am pulling 1 for first pull 2 for 2nd and so on.
    After I rename it I have to change directory's and put it in one named archive then i have to change directories again and delete the original export. I do all this through the command line in windows so i don't really care if this program has a GUI or not. All I really want is for someone to point me in the right direction like how to access the cmd line and send the commands to it.

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    I would write a batch file that did the following:
    1. Use command line ftp to get the file.
    2. Move the file to the appropriate directory.
    3. Call the java program do do the renaming.

    This makes the Java program very simple. It can do the rename via the object.

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