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    Default Creating Socket Issue

    hey, i'm pretty new at this networking stuff in java and i was wondering
    if someone could tell me how to do this.

    My command line arguments for the client in this java program i'm writing contain the server ipAddress which is args[2] and the port number args[3]

    But i'm not sure how to convert the server "IpAdress" args[2] into an InetAddress so i can create the socket.

    This is my failed attempt, might give you a better idea of what i'm trying to do.

    Java Code:
    clientSocket = new Socket((InetAddress)args[2], Integer.parseInt(args[3]));

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    Hi Castiel,

    The args[] is not similar to c++. In java the first argument is counted as args[0] and the second argument is counted as args[1]. Try to print this using System.out.println(args[0]) before considering it for ipaddress.

    Anand Ravindran
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    Well you can't cast a String to an InetAddress.

    See the specs for details on how to use it.

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