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    Default Flex + Java crosspolicy send problem

    I have a server written in java (also http server). I try to communicate with it from my flex application. It works from FLEX IDE, but not if I run my java server and request the flex application by browser. I receive error: "securityError:. text=Error #2048: Security sandbox violation:".
    I found the problem is crosspolicy file. I found also, flex application send to my java server: "policy-file-request".
    OK, I receive that request and send back a simple crosspolicy.xml file, actualy i send a string.
    It dosen't work....
    May be there is another, simpler way?

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    i have also got the same problem while incorporting Flex with Struts-Hiberbate project.
    u add the plugin for iexplorer and firefox.
    and add the callback method in the javascript for flex. that callback method should be synchronised with
    flex applications
    1.create mxml file in the flex. mxml file use incorporate with javascript that mxml file in the java web project. use script to call.
    even if u do not understand feel free to ask me
    :) javadeveloper

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