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    Default Server to read message sent by


    I have done a small example with Socket & ObjectInput/OutputStream by constructing a sample client-server configuration. However, my goal is to do client-server communication with SOAP. On the client-side I am using SOAPConnection to call(SOAPMessage, URL). But I don'know how to get the message now in the server. Using BufferredReader on the InputStream seems not to work since reader.readline() performs to find a null and crashes.

    So there mus be some crrespondance to SOAPConnection just as ObjectInputStream is to ObjectOutputStream. I saw that in java se6 there is a SOAPConnection.get() method along with the call one, but i could't figure out what is its true application...

    Any help is greatly appreciated!



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    SOAP is the underlying technology for traditional Web services. The idea is to support remote procedure calls with minimal programming using Web technologies.

    To implement them, you typically use a toolkit to create the client and server component. The server component runs in a Web application server, which handles the communications.

    There is a lot of documentation on the Internet.

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