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    Default Sockets, IOExceptions, and What's different with Linux

    Hello all -

    This my first post here. I have ran into a bit of an issue with some code I have written. I have written a small client/server application that works on the premise that if the remote application ends, the socket will be broken, and an IOException will be thrown. I then catch the IOException and then end the particular thread associated with that socket. This works fine in Windows, but when I kill the remote application in Linux, an IOException is never thrown on the server, it's as if the socket is still there even tho the application ended. I'm thinking there is something different that happens when I kill a process in Linux vs Windows. I have tried using the SIGINT, and SIGTERM switches for kill but they made no difference. Does anyone have any idea, admittedly I am a Linux noob, thanks!


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    did you put wait to wait for the termination of the other process .. It may be reason that you are killing unix process and it become zombie process . Process on unix need to be killed properly

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