Hie guys,

I want to read and store the data contained iin a TCP packet.I am using the JCAP class to open and read my Network interface card. But on capturing the Packet, i am only getting the following information...

1247058234:438087 />/ protocol(6) priority(0) hop(100)
offset(0) ident(8352) TCP 80 > 1370 seq(2129150895) win(200) ack 958012228 P

1247058234:438125 />/ protocol(6) priority(0) hop(128)
offset(0) ident(18051) TCP 1370 > 80 seq(958012269) win(16505) ack 2129150962

1247058234:438580 />/ protocol(6) priority(0) hop(100) offset(0) ident(8353) TCP 80 > 1370 seq(2129150962) win(200) ack 958012228 P

My machines IP address is, and i want to read data coming from

Is it possible for me to get all the information up to the dot contained in a TCP Packet