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    Default Losing Packets/Bytes using DataInputStream and socket

    I have a serial to wifi bridge/device server that hosts a webpage with an applet running. The applet opens a socket with the device that uses tunneling to get the bytes through the UART and then stores them in a byte array. If we keep the speed to a minimum, ie 115200kbps or below, we can generally get all 80000 bytes. However, we need to run at around 900+, and we are loosing anywhere up 36000. Obviously, we have done all the usual hardware debugging, and we have quadruple checked the baud rates to make sure they are the same. Is there any method that I can employ that will stop my byte-loss?

    Also, we are sending images in an attempt to do some streaming video from a cell camera, so the source is bytes streaming from the DMA on our microcontroller
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