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    Question tcp file transfer

    hey al...wrote a tcp java pgm to send files in net beans(JFrame)...
    the problem is only a part of the file is getting sent...
    i.e. if the original file size is 1kb the sent file is only 0.5kb...
    am not able to open the file also...
    can any1 plz help???
    very urgent!!
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    What sought of reader are you using? Is it buffered? Please show your code for more help.

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    Transmission Control Protocol... Netbeans IDE... JFrame GUI component... File...

    None of these really go together. If you are using some form of output stream, make sure you close it properly. This will also flush it. If you are using a socket, make sure you read the entire message on the receiving end. It may require multiple reads before all the bytes are transferred.

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