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    Default HTTP response not read

    I have a iPost class that connects to a php script in a remote server, and prints the response message.

    When I run the php page in the browser I see output.
    When I call the page from within Java class, I get Response OK message and nothing more.
    What am I doing wrong?
    The response is OK but there string is not retrieved.

    Java Code:
    public String postData(String contents) {
    		   	String postURL;
    		  	String responsestr = "";
    		   	postURL = "someurl";
    	    	BufferedReader bufferedReader = null;
    	    	StringBuffer sb = new StringBuffer(  );
    			StringBuffer sbResponse = new StringBuffer(  );
    	    	sb.append( URLEncoder.encode("content") + "=" );
    	    	sb.append( URLEncoder.encode(contents));
    	    	String formData = sb.toString(  );
    		    try {
    		    	URL url = new URL(postURL);
    		    	HttpURLConnection urlcon = (HttpURLConnection) url.openConnection();
    				//Send Post Request
    		    	urlcon.setUseCaches(false) ;
    		    	PrintWriter pout = new PrintWriter( new OutputStreamWriter(
    		    	urlcon.getOutputStream(  ), "8859_1"), true );
    		    	pout.print( formData );
    		    	// read results...
    		    	if ( urlcon.getResponseCode() == HttpURLConnection.HTTP_OK ){
    		    		System.out.println("Posted ok!");
    					System.out.println("Res" + urlcon.getResponseMessage()); //OK read
    					System.out.println("Size: "+urlcon.getContentLength()); // is 0
    	  				System.out.println("RespCode: "+urlcon.getResponseCode()); // is 200
    	  				System.out.println("RespMsg: "+urlcon.getResponseMessage()); // is 'OK'
    		    	else {
    		    		System.out.println("Bad post...");
    		    	} catch (Exception e){
    		    		System.out.println(e);     // bad postURL
    		   		return responsestr;		 			
    		    	}//EO postData

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    Well, I managed to solve the issue and I thought I would post the solution in case somebody else tries a similar setup.
    The database was throwing an exception which strangely was not reported while browsing directly. When the exception in php was handled and the output was started before the function call was made, the issue was resolved.

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