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    Default execute on server and read from file

    i have data files on web server that contains some values(i need to build from them chart).
    i make aplet that read information from file and build chart.
    but when i upload the applet to server , it didn't find the files.
    can you please suggest how can i make java program that will be executing on server and read there from files ?

    thank you

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    you would have to jar all your files needed for that applet. then design an html with the applet embedded inside either using and <applet> or <object> tag.

    You would also need to develope a jnlp file to that initializes the the applet inside the html.

    using netbeans its really easy. just enable web start in the properties of your applet check the self sign box then select which package and class is the main class for the applet. click done and netbeans does the rest. you would just have to copy the jnlp file, the launch html, and the jar file which would be in the dist folder of your project to your webserver. pretty sure you would have to delete the codebase part of the jnlp file just open it with notepad to do that and delete that part just leave the href part with "launch.jnlp" and you should be good.

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