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    Default IPAddress or HostName

    Can I use a Java API to verify whether a String is IPAddress or HostName.

    InetAddress.getByName(str) will return an Inet Address for both IPAddress and hostname.

    InetAddress.getByAddress(byte[]) requires the IPAddress in a Byte format. How to convert an IP String to this Byte Array ? A simple String.toByteArray() does not yield the correct result.

    Inet6Address has a function called textToNumericFormat(String) that returns a Byte Array but this method is hidden and API users cant use them.

    Please help !! Thanks in advance...

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    Default Example...

    Does the last example in the link help?

    InetAddress examples


    • Credits according to the header:

    Java Network Programming, Second Edition
    Merlin Hughes, Michael Shoffner, Derek Hamner
    Manning Publications Company; ISBN 188477749X
    Chris S.
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