Hi everyone!

I'm new here but I've tried to find out the answer to my question but I failed, so I decided to write this post. I'm writing an application with Swing which purpose is to become a client for a telnet-based game (yeah, MUD). It's working fine but the problem is that when I receieve answer from the server, it always misses FIRST SIGN in response. For example:

You have 23 gold pieces.
I get:

ou have 23 gold pieces.

And that's for sure problem with telnet connection/receiever, 'cos I get that even when I send response to System.out the problem still exists. I used 2 diferent telnet-libraries and also 'mini-client' application I downloaded from net and the problem still has place.

Does anyone knows what's wrong? It's a little pointless to write further while such problem is on.