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    Smile Vlc player interfaces in java


    Iam new in using java for streaming applications. Are there any interfaces for VLC player in java? I wanted to stream an audio file in java using vlc player...

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    I would guess: no.

    If you want to do it locally: (yes, there forum sees networking, but many things here are just on the local machine)

    Maybe you can start nvlc (or in some other way headless) and get it input for doing what you want.
    And just write the file to a temporary file [ can create temporary files] in the folder for temporary files.
    Additionally, if you using Linux you may want use /dev/shm as the folder, since that folder allocates the files to the RAM-memory,
    if you are using other temporary folders (except RAM-discs) I believe the files can be located to the RAM, but there is no way
    of making sure of it.

    If you want to do it remotely:

    Clarify what you want to do.
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