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    Default Communicating Java Server and C client using char buffer


    I have a C server which writes char string to buffer
    char buffer[3000]="message=1|Value=1|a="Hello"|b=2|c="How are u"

    There is a java server listening for this on socket

    Q.1 Can i directly use java and C communicate on socket for this char string

    After recieving this message java will do some processing and give response to C client

    Q2. Can java send such character string message as response to C client so that java server and C Client can communicate directly on Socket apart from using JNI

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    Any two programs should be able to communicate via a socket as long as they understand the format of the data they are sending/receiving.

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    Only thing to do is, format the data packet(buffer actually) correctly which the server can correctly. Or else you have do modifications on either side. That's what Norm trying to explain.

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