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    Default error in reading mail contents

    I am developing java mail application.i want to read mail from java E-mail server(JES).i used the method getcontent() like this
    System.out.println(message[i].getContent()); but i am geting the out put
    "avax.mail.internet.MimeMultipart@b1cd0" which is not the mail content.i tried message[i].WriteTo(System.out); but it is giving me all the unecessary content like
    messae-id,message version,content-type,encoding-type,contern decsription.
    but i don't want them. i want only the body and the attached file.So
    please help me how to read it.

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    the out put
    The text of that message looks like an object of type: MimeMultipart is being returned by getContent()
    Check the API doc for getContent() to see what it returns.
    If it returns an object, you'll need to cast that object and you can then use its methods to get its contents.

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