The various methods I could use for detecting the Browser Settings in Java arE:-

a) Java Networking and Proxies

1) Proxy Selector :-

The proxy selector class is giving me information about manual proxy settings but not about the AutoConfig url info or Automatically detected proxy settings.

2) System Properties:- the same problem

b) (sun.plugin.protocol.ProxyInfo) Eg. code :- (Sun Forums Java forum says they would discontinue the support of sun*. package in the near future.)( FAQ - Sun Packages)

c) (Uses of Class java.util.prefs.Preferences (Java 2 Platform SE v1.4.2))

Accessing windows registry in Java - Java - Snipplr and Sir, What is Your Preference?
Cannot use this because this is a unpublished interface and may be removed in future

Does there exists a published interface that can give me information regarding all the options in browser :- Auto Detect Proxy Settings, Auto Config URL, Manual Config server name and server address, Bypass list?/