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    Default Raising alerts based on query result across the network

    I need to write a java prg to raise an alert of some sort across the network to selected system based on a strored proc result. We are currently using emails as an alert but the frequency of this event will probably be high and hence it might generate more than the desired no of mails. I am looking for an alternative, maybe a simple alert (OK) or an outlook alert if it exists or integrating with some existing messenger that is in use. Is it possible? any alternative that just lets me know that a particular event took place. i wil be calling this prog at a regular interval.

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    SMS Notification is also present but that would be more complicated than Mail Notification.
    I dont have any idea about any other type of Notifications
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    yes, am aware of that but i don't think i can use that. HOwever. it would be awefully nice of you if you can provide me with a sample code for that.

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