Hi, i am following this tutorial which can be found googling 08 ImageLab. I have a few problems that i have discovered and hope you guys can help.

1) I have a local repository under the location of C:\Documents and Settings\luong\.m2\repository which contains the 3 jar files,gt2-image-2.0, jai_codec-1.1.3 and jai_core-1.1.3. When ever i update the Update the Index in my Maven tab i never see the files listed in the tree table even though i have been successful in building the jar files usng the command line. What i do not understand is, why can i not see these files listed in my Maven2 Repository tab under org.geotools?

2) In my ImageLab.java file i have the following code so far:

package org.geotools.demo;

import javax.swing.*;

import org.geotools.coverage.grid.GridCoverage2D;

* @author XXXXX
public class ImageLab extends JDialog {

/** Original coverage we are working on */
GridCoverage2D coverage;


In my import org.geotools..... statement i have an error showing up stating that package org.geotools.coverage.grid does not exist. Now, do you know where i can download this package because in my C:\Documents and Settings\luong\.m2\org\geotools folder, i to do not have this.

3) I am trying to place something called the gt2-2.4.4-javadoc under my C:\Documents and Settings\luong\.m2\repository\org\geotools\javadoc .jars but everytime i try to update the index, it simply does not show up in my Maven2 repository tab. Would somebody telling me if i have missed something here.