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    Default launch a browser with a button

    Hi, i just started java and try to make a button that launches
    a web-browser with a predefined url... in netbeans. does anyone
    knows how to do that?
    i imported java.awt.Desktop, and tried to put some method
    in the button when it clicks.. but i dont get it to work..
    does anyone know where to put the classes and methods
    and what they should look like
    can anyone help me??
    this is my first java program btw

    thanks, and good luck

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    This is not specific to NetBeanse either.

    First you have to add a button to a container(It's your choice, you can use a JFrame, JDialo, etc.) On NetBeans adding a button is so easy.

    Then add a click even to the button. Simply double click on the already added button. You can see that auto generated click event.

    As the final step what you have to do is, execute the browser with the specified URL. This implementation already discussed few times here in our community. Search the forum.

    Good luck.

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