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    Default 404 error on REST with Tocat

    I created a REST web service with STS, and deployed the war file in Tomcat 8, But when i try to acces it froma client I get a 404 ERROR. My client is
    public static void main(String[] args) {
    RestTemplate restTemplate = new RestTemplate();
    Employee employee = restTemplate.getForObject("http://localhost:8080/rest", Employee.class);
    int id = employee.getId();
    String name = employee.getName();
    Date date = employee.getCreatedDate();
    String result = "Id: " + id + " Name: " + name + " Date: " + date;
    On the other hand, if I create the web service in NetBeans it works. Is there a particular way to create a war file in STS?

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    Default Re: 404 error on REST with Tocat

    Not sure what STS is, but the first thing I would do is see what has actually been deployed to Tomcat.
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