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    I am using netbeans IDE 7.4. I have a small web app that is used to retrieve data from web service. That service has its own certificate which is added to cacerts file in:
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jdk1.7.0_45\jre\lib\security.

    Everything was working fine until the latest java runtime update.
    Now it wont work - error message:
    Exception: HTTP transport error: PKIX path building failed: xception: unable to find valid certification path to requested target

    I checked cacerts and cacerts.jre in the glassfish 4.0, imported certificate is in place.

    After latest java update uninstall, it still wont work with the same error message.

    Looks like it is not checking cacerts file any longer?

    Any suggestions.

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    I am talking about 1.8_45.

    I needed this upgrade for something else.
    Before that I had 1.8_31 or something I dont really know because 8_45 insisted on removing it for security reasons.

    Of course 1.7_45 is installed in different folder and path from netbeans is pointing to its folder.

    Everything was working fine with

    Why 8_45 insisted on removing 8_3x for security reasons and messed up netbeans?
    Netbeans is still pointing to folder of 1.7_45. Settings in netbeans are not changed.
    It should have nothing to do with 8_45 installation.

    I forgot Glassfish 4.0. It was unable to start from netbeans. Required authentication although I left it to deafult (admin/nothing).
    I was unable to start glassfish no mater what I tried. I was forced to create new domain and copied authentication files from its folders to previous domain folders and now it works.

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