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    Question add module to keel software by IDE

    Who has worked with keel software (open source)?
    KEEL is an open source (GPLv3) Java software tool to assess evolutionary algorithms for Data Mining problems including regression, classification, clustering, pattern mining and so on.
    source code of keel software:
    I want that add a algorithm to it.
    this algorithm is attatchment.

    who sent it, said "If you need to run the algorithm you need to put the source files into Eclipse or any other IDE, and also copy from KEEL the needed .jar files for preprocessing (SMOTE.jar in this case) into an "exe" folder. If you run now the algorithm, the errors you'll find can guide you for the details you need to make it work."

    I don't know how "exe folder" is created?
    Preprocessing approaches are in a folder in keel software.

    Who can help me??
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