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    Question got Confused? in RMI does anyone know RMI?

    just a newbie in Java, got some project to make a rmi application, but stuck is in the server.
    this is my requirement to next quarter of my college. If i don't success and not finish my project then I'm doomed
    there's so many problem i got, this just a basic application they are; insert update and delete within 10 tables but using 2 project
    they are client and server.

    i have upload the code and the query;
    the Project name are ClientExpLog
    and ServerExpLog
    then i got cobaExp
    the 1 project i made is successfull but its only showing from MS SQL Server, not including Insert Update and Delete

    it is all project have archived in 2 different archive.

    I'm waiting for immediate assistance

    real thanks

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    Default Re: got Confused? in RMI does anyone know RMI?

    I don't think you have a realistic expectation of this forum. There aren't many people (I am inclined to say "zero") that will download your zipfiles with code, setup a project, try to get it working and then report back the findings and how to fix it. Usually, the quickest way to get a response is to post a bit of problematic code called a SSCCE, possibly a stacktrace or two, and a proper description of the problem.

    Quote Originally Posted by JustNewbie View Post
    I'm waiting for immediate assistance
    That's another thing. Don't wait for people to answer to you post. Your urgency does not automactially make it mine.
    "It's not fixed until you stop calling the problem weird and you understand what was wrong." - gimbal2 2013

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    Default Re: got Confused? in RMI does anyone know RMI?

    Especially since its a school project. Either you can do it yourself, or you don't deserve to pass. You might want to look up the definition for "ethics".
    "Syntactic sugar causes cancer of the semicolon." -- Alan Perlis

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