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    Default Question on Bindings and JAXB

    Good Morning dear readers,

    This is my first Thread in this forum, I hope, I put it into the right subforum and you can help me with the following problem:

    I use JAXB to generate a bunch of Java classes with the help of a .xsd-file. This works fine. (For the testscenario I create a further class on my own.) Now I build a simple GUI with netbeans and insert one object of the automatically built classes and one of my selfmade class. The GUI contains only one Textfield. And now the crux of the matter: When I bind the text-property of the textfield to a String-property of the selfmade-class-object everything works fine. I write something into the textfield and (through the bind) the property of the object changes. When I do the same with the JAXB-created-class-object it does not work. What's the reason for that and do you know a possible way to make it work?

    Thank you very much in advance,


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    Default Re: Question on Bindings and JAXB

    Good morning. You can't just vaguely describe a problem and expect people to instantly see in their mind what you have in front of you; post example code, preferably the code you have that "is not working".

    And no, this is not the correct subforum. Your question has absolutely nothing to do with Netbeans, so its not the correct place. Simple logic.
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