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    Default GeoPoint Not found

    Hi i am doing this tutorial showing you showing how you can use nb with ajaxa and google map to create your own custom map. I am up to the point where i need to add the following code GeoPoint points[] = geoCoder1.geoCode(address); but when i add this piece i get an error stateing that it cannot find symbol GeoPoint. Presumably do i need to import another class file or something or componet for it to work?


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    Yeah, sorry here is my code to view:

    Java Code:
    package ajaxmapviewer;
    import com.sun.j2ee.blueprints.ui.geocoder.GeoCoder;
    import com.sun.j2ee.blueprints.ui.mapviewer.MapComponent;
    import com.sun.j2ee.blueprints.ui.mapviewer.MapPoint;
    import com.sun.j2ee.blueprints.ui.selectvalue.SelectValueComponent;
    import com.sun.rave.web.ui.appbase.AbstractPageBean;
    import com.sun.rave.web.ui.component.Body;
    import com.sun.rave.web.ui.component.Button;
    import com.sun.rave.web.ui.component.Form;
    import com.sun.rave.web.ui.component.Head;
    import com.sun.rave.web.ui.component.Html;
    import com.sun.rave.web.ui.component.Label;
    import com.sun.rave.web.ui.component.Link;
    import com.sun.rave.web.ui.component.MessageGroup;
    import com.sun.rave.web.ui.component.Page;
    import com.sun.rave.web.ui.component.TextField;
    import javax.faces.FacesException;
     * <p>Page bean that corresponds to a similarly named JSP page.  This
     * class contains component definitions (and initialization code) for
     * all components that you have defined on this page, as well as
     * lifecycle methods and event handlers where you may add behavior
     * to respond to incoming events.</p>
    public class Page1 extends AbstractPageBean {
        // <editor-fold defaultstate="collapsed" desc="Managed Component Definition">
        private int __placeholder;
        // Managed Component Definition  - prevents the map from displaying in the deployed application until the user enters an address to map
         private boolean displayMap = false;
         * <p>Automatically managed component initialization.  <strong>WARNING:</strong>
         * This method is automatically generated, so any user-specified code inserted
         * here is subject to being replaced.</p>
        private void _init() throws Exception {
        private Page page1 = new Page();
        public Page getPage1() {
            return page1;
        public void setPage1(Page p) {
            this.page1 = p;
        private Html html1 = new Html();
        public Html getHtml1() {
            return html1;
        public void setHtml1(Html h) {
            this.html1 = h;
        private Head head1 = new Head();
        public Head getHead1() {
            return head1;
        public void setHead1(Head h) {
            this.head1 = h;
        private Link link1 = new Link();
        public Link getLink1() {
            return link1;
        public void setLink1(Link l) {
            this.link1 = l;
        private Body body1 = new Body();
        public Body getBody1() {
            return body1;
        public void setBody1(Body b) {
            this.body1 = b;
        private Form form1 = new Form();
        public Form getForm1() {
            return form1;
        public void setForm1(Form f) {
            this.form1 = f;
        private MapComponent mapViewer1 = new MapComponent();
        public MapComponent getMapViewer1() {
            return mapViewer1;
        public void setMapViewer1(MapComponent mc) {
            this.mapViewer1 = mc;
        private MapPoint mapViewer1_center = new MapPoint();
        public MapPoint getMapViewer1_center() {
            return mapViewer1_center;
        public void setMapViewer1_center(MapPoint mp) {
            this.mapViewer1_center = mp;
        private Label label1 = new Label();
        public Label getLabel1() {
            return label1;
        public void setLabel1(Label l) {
            this.label1 = l;
        private Label label2 = new Label();
        public Label getLabel2() {
            return label2;
        public void setLabel2(Label l) {
            this.label2 = l;
        private Label label3 = new Label();
        public Label getLabel3() {
            return label3;
        public void setLabel3(Label l) {
            this.label3 = l;
        private TextField textField1 = new TextField();
        public TextField getTextField1() {
            return textField1;
        public void setTextField1(TextField tf) {
            this.textField1 = tf;
        private SelectValueComponent selectValue1 = new SelectValueComponent();
        public SelectValueComponent getSelectValue1() {
            return selectValue1;
        public void setSelectValue1(SelectValueComponent svc) {
            this.selectValue1 = svc;
        private Button getMap = new Button();
        public Button getGetMap() {
            return getMap;
        public void setGetMap(Button b) {
            this.getMap = b;
        private MessageGroup messageGroup1 = new MessageGroup();
        public MessageGroup getMessageGroup1() {
            return messageGroup1;
        public void setMessageGroup1(MessageGroup mg) {
            this.messageGroup1 = mg;
        private GeoCoder geoCoder1 = new GeoCoder();
        public GeoCoder getGeoCoder1() {
            return geoCoder1;
        public void setGeoCoder1(GeoCoder gc) {
            this.geoCoder1 = gc;
        // </editor-fold>
         * <p>Construct a new Page bean instance.</p>
        public Page1() {
         * <p>Callback method that is called whenever a page is navigated to,
         * either directly via a URL, or indirectly via page navigation.
         * Customize this method to acquire resources that will be needed
         * for event handlers and lifecycle methods, whether or not this
         * page is performing post back processing.</p>
         * <p>Note that, if the current request is a postback, the property
         * values of the components do <strong>not</strong> represent any
         * values submitted with this request.  Instead, they represent the
         * property values that were saved for this view when it was rendered.</p>
        public void init() {
            // Perform initializations inherited from our superclass
            // Perform application initialization that must complete
            // *before* managed components are initialized
            // TODO - add your own initialiation code here
            // <editor-fold defaultstate="collapsed" desc="Managed Component Initialization">
            // Initialize automatically managed components
            // *Note* - this logic should NOT be modified
            try {
            } catch (Exception e) {
                log("Page1 Initialization Failure", e);
                throw e instanceof FacesException ? (FacesException) e: new FacesException(e);
            // </editor-fold>
            // Perform application initialization that must complete
            // *after* managed components are initialized
            // TODO - add your own initialization code here
         * <p>Callback method that is called after the component tree has been
         * restored, but before any event processing takes place.  This method
         * will <strong>only</strong> be called on a postback request that
         * is processing a form submit.  Customize this method to allocate
         * resources that will be required in your event handlers.</p>
        public void preprocess() {
         * <p>Callback method that is called just before rendering takes place.
         * This method will <strong>only</strong> be called for the page that
         * will actually be rendered (and not, for example, on a page that
         * handled a postback and then navigated to a different page).  Customize
         * this method to allocate resources that will be required for rendering
         * this page.</p>
        public void prerender() {
         * <p>Callback method that is called after rendering is completed for
         * this request, if <code>init()</code> was called (regardless of whether
         * or not this was the page that was actually rendered).  Customize this
         * method to release resources acquired in the <code>init()</code>,
         * <code>preprocess()</code>, or <code>prerender()</code> methods (or
         * acquired during execution of an event handler).</p>
        public void destroy() {
         * <p>Return a reference to the scoped data bean.</p>
        protected SessionBean1 getSessionBean1() {
            return (SessionBean1)getBean("SessionBean1");
         * <p>Return a reference to the scoped data bean.</p>
        protected ApplicationBean1 getApplicationBean1() {
            return (ApplicationBean1)getBean("ApplicationBean1");
         * <p>Return a reference to the scoped data bean.</p>
        protected RequestBean1 getRequestBean1() {
            return (RequestBean1)getBean("RequestBean1");
        public String getMap_action() {
            // TODO: Process the button click action. Return value is a navigation
            // case name where null will return to the same page.
            String address = (String)(textField1.getText() + "" 
                    + this.selectValue1.getValue());
     GeoPoint points[] = geoCoder1.geoCode(address);
            return null;
    But to answer your questions, probably not but how would i do that? As i have tried the following import ps2.GeoPoint;
    which does not work.
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