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    Default minim library

    Hello everyone,
    I am working on a project and it is my first project. I wish to make a project that involves audio and ffts.I am making that project in netbeans ide. I have downloaded minim library but i am not able to use it because i don't know how to add that library and i don't know how to add that library. please help me out because i have a really different idea but not even able to start that project. thanx

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    Sounds like you need to add it to the classpath.

    Using an IDE hides things like the classpath from you, which is why you're so confused. I recommend using a basic text editor to write code and the command prompt to compile until you understand the basics.
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    What Kev says is 100% true but other than that: reading the actual Netbeans documentation is the answer to "I don't know how to use Netbeans".
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