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    Default latest java update

    Hi there, I recently installed JDK 1.7u40 and installed NetBeans 7.3.1. I turned off automatic updates in the java control panel, but I am still getting a message in my notification area saying java update available (1.7u45) ready to install. I want to know if I install the update will I have to reconfigure NetBeans, the PATH environment variable etc? Thankyou.

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    Default Re: latest java update

    It will only update the runtime (IIRC).
    The JDK will stay the same, so you shouldn't have any problems.
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    Default Re: latest java update

    Even if it would update the runtime of the JDK, you wouldn't need to reconfigure anything since the updater will replace/upgrade the one that is already there.

    But no, I've always had to upgrade the JDK myself. Only the separate runtime I have installed through auto-updates itself, which is fine with me because that one is specifically for browser integration purposes.
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