I use NetBeans (current v7.3) under Windows. The editor has a few irritating habits that impair a generally excellent tool. I'm posting my hate list to see if anyone can suggest corrections for the problems.

Note: although I'm a programmer, I'm currently using NetBeans mainly as an HTML and CSS editor. The list reflects that.

  • HTML validation can't find style sheets stored up the directory tree. Consequently I get dozens of warnings for undefined class names, etc., when the names are defined. If a few genuine warnings are buried in the pile, I'll never know.
  • Auto complete seems to delimit tag property values with quotes or apostrophes pretty much at random. This makes touch typing impossible; each time I enter a property I have to look at the screen to see which delimiter the editor used so that I can either change it before I type the value or use the same delimiter at the end. I want the editor to use the same delimiter that I told it to use the last time I entered the same property; failing that, I want it to use one delimiter consistently.
  • Auto complete sometimes fails to work at all. For example, if I type a left angle bracket, tag name, space, and 'c', I expect it to open a popup list of property names that start with 'c'. Sometimes it does; sometimes it doesn't. Some of the failures seem to be caused by typing too fast, so I have to slow down to avoid losing auto complete (which would slow me down more). Some of it is unrelated to typing speed, and I haven't identified a cause.
  • Auto tag closing sometimes garbles the opening tag. For example, if I enter "<tr>," NetBeans opens a popup that shows the closing tag, "</tr>." If I press Enter, it should append the closing tag, giving me "<tr></tr>" with the insert point between the two tags. Instead it sometimes gives me something like "<tr</tr>."