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    Question Search bar help - Netbeans/MyQL


    I recently started programming and JAVA is the first language that I will be learning. I have a project of making a GUI with NETBEANS to search a database. I need to be able to search for any of the data (column) in the database (mySQL) through the search bar, entering free text.
    For example: I have a table with 4 columns: name, lastname, ID and Age. I want the user to be able to enter free text in the search bar and get back the complete data. I have been searching for a tutorial for this like crazy but no good results.

    Can anybody help me finding a tutorial or to get a script that I can modify.

    I appreciate your time!!



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    Default Re: Search bar help - Netbeans/MyQL

    Quote Originally Posted by partusa View Post
    Can anybody help me finding a tutorial
    Start here: The Java™ Tutorials

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