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    Default Java 3D In Netbeans

    Hi everybody, i want to create an application, similar to that of Google Earth which uses Java 3D. With the functionalities of a simple search bar so that when i type, London say, it would show a 3d image of london. This would not be as sophisticated as Google Earth itself, but rather a very basic version. I would like to do this in Netbeans but what i would like to know is, does Netbeans support Java 3D ? If so, is there something i can download like some sort of plugin to create a 3D images using netbeans IDE?

    The current version of Netbeans installed on my machine is Netbeans 5.5.1
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    Yes it is, Netbeans has a plugin which can be used for Java3D. You can find it from there official website. Check in the plugins section of the site. It should be there.

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