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    Default Method Will Not Output

    I am currently enrolled in a Java programming class. I have an assignment to create five classes, four for an Instructor, Student, Course, and Section; and one that will have the main method. Each of the classes has attributes and methods.

    I had no problem doing this part of the assignment. Now, I need to instantiate the Instructor, Course, and Student classes and have the system display them. I managed to do this for the Instructor and Course classes, but the Student class is a little more complicated. For the Instructor and Course classes, I only need to create one instance of each, but for the Student class, I must create 15 instances. Considering that I have not yet learned how to make an array, I elected to use a text file. Here is the code that I wrote for it:

    Java Code:
                // Create the list of student names
                PrintWriter outputFile = new PrintWriter("StudenList.txt");
                outputFile.println("Donna Richards");                                    
                outputFile.println("Cindy Maxwell");
                outputFile.println("Eddie Grant");
                outputFile.println("Stuart Blake");
                outputFile.println("Jane Parker");
                outputFile.println("Wesley Forrester");
                outputFile.println("Susan Jackson");
                outputFile.println("Morris Chambers");
                outputFile.println("Elsa Cleetz");
                outputFile.println("Tony Redmenson");
                outputFile.println("Claira Shultz");
                outputFile.println("Billy Westington");
                outputFile.println("Iris Peters");
                outputFile.println("Adam Avery");
                outputFile.println("Patricia Long");
                // Open the file and assign text file to variable, MyFile
                File myFile = new File("StudentList.txt");
                //Assign MyFile to Scanner inputFile
                Scanner inputFile = new Scanner(myFile);
                Scanner input = new Scanner(;
                while (inputFile.hasNext()){
                    // Instantiation of Student class
                    Student stdt = new Student(); 
                    //Set variable FullName to the next name listed in the file
                    // Print the current value of the variable
    Using Netbeans, I receive no compiler errors with this code, but it does not display the list. Am I missing something?
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    Default Re: Method Will Not Output

    Quote Originally Posted by ladykrimson View Post
    Am I missing something?
    Possibly the letter 't'?

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    Default Re: Method Will Not Output

    If you are working with NetBeans why don't you debug the code and try to find the error. It's easy and I believe you could do that.

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    Default Re: Method Will Not Output

    *smacks own forehead* I see it (Studen_List.txt. Thank you very much!

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    Default Re: Method Will Not Output

    I am not quite familiar with the debugger yet. I am still learning how to use it productively. I see the mistake, now. Thank you.

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