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Thread: How to use Validation API to validate Java Swing forms in Netbeans

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    Default How to use Validation API to validate Java Swing forms in Netbeans

    I was searching for a Swing Forms Validation API in NetBeans and saw one at How to Quickly Add Validation Code to Swing UIs | Javalobby. I downloaded and installed the "Simple Validation" NetBeans Plug-in from Simple Validation: Downloads — Project Kenai, but do not know how to use it, because I cannot find where is it present (in toolbox).

    Can anyone kindly help me by telling how where can I find it and what are the steps to apply the validation on my form fields.

    I also saw there was a Validation API JAR file and I downloaded and included it in my project. It provided 3 controls (or whatever to call it); "ValidationPanel", "ValidationUtils" and "Problems". I saw an example & followed it. I dragged-and-dropped the "ValidationPanel" and wrote the code as shown in following code

    final ValidationGroup group = validationPanel1.getValidationGroup();

    group.add(txtUserName, Validators.REQUIRE_NON_EMPTY_STRING,

    But it seems JAR file contains incomplete files or there may be other problem, because it gives error: cannot find symbol: variable "Validators"

    When I wrote the code in NetBeans it gave same error for "ValidationGroup" class and when I clicked on a balloon on the left side of IDE it suggested me to import the package for it and when I clicked on it, it imported the package, but it does not suggest me to import package for "Validators"

    I am sorry I think these are 2 questions, but kindly help me how to solve it.
    Thanks in advance

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    Default Re: How to use Validation API to validate Java Swing forms in Netbeans

    Moved from AWT/Swing

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    Default Re: How to use Validation API to validate Java Swing forms in Netbeans

    Now you have to use StringValidators insted of Validators to get the validator constants.

    group.add(txtUserName, StringValidators.REQUIRE_NON_EMPTY_STRING,

    To use the merge method you have to use ValidatorUtils.merge(..)

    I hope it helps you.


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