Hello everyone.

I have recently started to use API by downloading them as ".jar" files from various web sites, like SUN, and I am experiencing problems with NetBeans. This is what I usually do:
  1. I download the ".jar" files from the Internet, for example Java3D.
  2. I then add them to the libraries folder of my project.
  3. NetBeans then says: "Scanning classpaths", which is normal.
  4. Then I import the classes that I want to use.

Here is the problem:
When I try to access the source of the classes, NetBeans shows me the code. Then an IOException is caught by NetBeans and is shown in an icon in the lower right corner of the main window. A full error report is shown if I click on it. The code works fine, but NetBeans does not show any JavaDoc when I want the use the classes. It cannot even show the parameters of the methods. Have any of you seen or heard of this strange problem. Maybe I need to download the JavaDoc and source separately.

Any help would be great. :D