Hi everyone, my issue is.
I've got two JSpinners. I wanna change values in them by typing in the number using keyboard.
When I am typing value inside the first JSpinner and then setting my cursor inside the second one, my event listern of JSpinner one is getting executed and my first value is getting updated. After I have changed the value inside the second Spinner and I am pressing the "Processing" button right afterwards, the value of my second JSpinner is not getting updated, although I've got "stateChange", "mouseExited" etc (keyEvents don't work) listeners implemented.
After pressing the "Processing" button, short method is getting executed, which should actually read the current value inside the second JSpinner, but the received result is still the old value. The same situation for the first JSpinner if I am going to change the value of the second JSpinner as first. I am not sure why my value inside the spinner is not getting updated, if I am sung the arrows up/down, then my values are updated correctly.

Java Code:
// after pressing "processing" button, the value of the JSpinner is read using this function, but returns still the old/initial one
private void getRvNumberOfSamplesValue()
                NumberOfSamlesValue = Integer.parseInt( testSpinner.getModel().getValue().toString() );
Does anyone have an idea, what's going on here.

Thanks in advance