Hi, I'm learning to work with Netbeans Platform and, up to now, I'm facing two problems that I can't get to solve.

The first one is about the basic settings that are set when you create a window (right click on a packet, new window). I chose output position for a window but now I'be thought it's better for it to be editor position. Unfortunately, I've already placed many elements on that window and it's almost finish, so I wouldn't like to have to make a new one and rebuild the interface. Is there any way to readjust those basic settings so I can set its position to editor?

I am not pretty sure about the second one. For my application, I created a module suite, and then I added a new module to it. When I run the single module, it runs fine, but when I try to run the module suite, I get:

C:\Program Files\NetBeans 7.1\harness\suite.xml:494: basedir attribute must be set, or at least one resource collection must be given!

This is the 494 line of that file:

Java Code:
<branding cluster="${cluster}" overrides="${branding.dir}" token="${branding.token}"/>
I have never edited that file, but I've been taking a superficial look at it and I must say that I can't understand that error when the basedir attribute is set at the beginning of that file:

Java Code:
<project name="suite" basedir=".">
Thanks in advance, Jorge.