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Thread: Adding a search bar

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    Default Adding a search bar

    Hello guys,
    So i have a java swing list in a j panel, this list contains a list of people with their names,
    on the top of that list i created a search bar, now i want the program once run, to search for me in the list of that people according to the name inserted in the search bar i created,
    my question is, as i am a very very beginner in java and netbeans, what is the source code i put for this specific bar in order to make it a search bar, thank you in advance

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    Default Re: Adding a search bar

    If you wish to search with the press of a JButton, then in the button's ActionListener have code that gets the JList's model (via getModel()), then use a for loop to iterate through the model getting each item with the model's getElementAt(int index) method, and checking if the element is a String that matches the one in your search bar's JTextField.

    You'll need to go through the Swing tutorials to find out how to code all of these things but with effort you will succeed.

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    Default Re: Adding a search bar

    Starting a new thread instead of replying to a response on an earlier thread isn't the best way to continue to get help on a forum.

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