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    Smile list created in netbeans

    Gentlemens i create a list in Gui module .
    And i want some help.
    i will try to describe you my problem.

    i have some radio buttons from one side and a list from the other .
    i want to click to a radio button and then to choose also a item=url from the list.
    and then click an enter button .

    what kind of code should i write so i can choose a specific item from list .
    1)List may have several items.
    2) Do you have any link on internet that i can find an example ?

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    Default Re: list created in netbeans

    Please check out the Java tutorials Big Index. Then find the Swing section in this list and start going through the lessons. I also strongly suggest that you not use NetBeans (or other code generator) to generate your Swing code, that you instead write your Swing code by hand until you understand Swing better.

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